BV-1253BL – New Style Footswitch (15′ Cord) for the Bovie® Specialist PRO

New, lighter foot switch with a longer cord.


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New Style Footswitch with 15′ Cord

This is a newer version of the footswitch for the Bovie Specialist PRO (A1250S). It is lighter and has a longer cord at 15 feet. If you prefer the original style, you need the BV-1253B. Both foot switches function in the same way.

  • Lighter Smaller Foot Switch

  • Use in both Bipolar and Monopolar Modes

  • Same functionality as BV-1253B

Also Available:

  • ESRE – Disposable Split Adult Return Electrodes Without Cable

  • ESRS – Disposable Solid Adult Return Electrode Without Cable

  • ESREC – Disposable Split Adult Return Electrode With Cable

  • ESRSC – Disposable Solid Adult Return Electrode With Cable

  • A1204P – Reusable Metal Return Electrode Plate (for use with Return Electrode Grounding Cable, Item A1254C)

  • A1254C – Reusable Return Electrode Grounding Cable (for use with Reusable Metal Return Electrode Plate, Item A1204P)

Available Bovie® Specialist PRO Accessories

We also have the Bovie® Specialist Pro as well as the full line of Bovie® Electrosurgical Generators available.

These return electrodes are compatible with the Bovie Electrosurgical Generator models listed below.
Compatible With: A1250, A1250S, A2250, A3250, A2350, A3350, IDS-200, IDS-210, IDS-300, IDS-310, IDS-400

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in

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